Mixed-media installation

Produced for ZKM-Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, Germany.


This installation was commissioned as a permanent installation to signal the identity of and entrances to the ZKM. It has four components: A row of red and blue LED alphanumeric displays mounted on columns that are arranged in a line from the Brauerstrasse to the entrance of the ZKM, and then continuing on panels hung within the building. These can be programmed to carry any texts and/or announcements about current activities. The optical alignment of these displays as one approaches the ZKM along this path allows these physically displaced alphanumeric characters to join up into words and sentences that flow towards the entrance and into the building. The rear-side of these displays are light boxes that can be fitted with images relating to current events.

At street-side locations at both the front and rear entrances of the ZKM are very tall columns on top of which are mounted a stack of six cylindrical red LED alphanumeric displays of varying sizes. These announce the full name of the ZKM: Zentrum - fur - Kunst - und - Medientechnogie - Karlsruhe, with each word continuously rotating around each cylinder. Another blue LED cylinder atop the roof simply shows the characters ZKM.

LED displays with extra large red dots are mounted on two corners of the ZKM's new music studio edifice (the 'Kubus'). Here textual information and animations can be presented to the public approaching from either direction, and offers a clear motif for the ZKM's digitally related concerns.


Hardware and Software: Novamatic, Eich, Germany

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