Propagation of the Luminous Word
Mixed-media installation

Produced for LBC Landelijk Bibliotheekcentrale, Almere, Netherlands.


This work addresses the notion of a library of the written language, and gives special aesthetic emphasis to the digital (binary) transformation of language to embody the context of the LBC as a computing center for a larger network of provincial libraries.

The work has two main elements - one on the floor of the lobby with an LED alphanumeric display, the other on the ceiling where a square spiral of LED panels is suspended, each able to illuminate as either a 0 or a 1. On the lower LED display there is a continuous random selection of descriptor words from the library's database of book titles. On the spiral display hanging above, these words are directly translated into continuously changing binary code (0's and 1's) which move from the center of the spiral outwards. A computer keyboard that is connected to the lower element also allows visitors to interrupt this flow of descriptor words by typing in their own word which then circulates once through the sculpture's alphanumeric and binary displays.


Software and Hardware: Charly Jungbauer

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