Points of View II - Babel
Computergraphic installation

Shown at Mickery Theater, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1983.


Points of View II - Babel addressed issues relating to the Falklands War. It implemented functional and iconographic structures that were similar to Points of View I. Egyptian hieroglyphs were used to articulate both a visual and psychological architecture - a hierarchical edifice that set out to identify the essential pathology of power and its inevitable predisposition to oppression and warfare.

The interactive structuring of the sound tracks was an integral aspect of this installation; thirteen spoken texts taken from the Congress on Military Psychology in Vienna in 1983 were interactively linked to the image via the same joystick that controlled the user's visual movement. Functioning like an audio mixer, this joystick modulated the various voices in relation to the different spatial positions that the user was taking in relation to the computer graphic representation. Each user could thus make a personal audio visual journey through this work; the shifting of the sound tracks generating a spontaneous confrontation of spoken information that in conjunction with the visual movement around the image exposed the signifying relationships of this hieroglyphic ziggurat.


Software: Larry Abel
Hardware: Tat Van Vark and Charly Jungbauer

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