The New Tower of Babel
Network installation

Contribution to the Seamless Media project, 1993.


Players telecommunicate from the four corners of the world - all of mankind's languages meet in virtual data space. At the center of the room there is a large mirror surfaced column. Around the column there is a circular white surface on the floor onto which images are being projected. At opposite corners of the room are four tall quarter-circular structures with steps that enable people to climb to the top. On each structure there is a chair and table, and on each table there is a flat touch-screen, a stereographic monitor viewable with LCD shutter glasses and a six axis 3D positioning mouse.

Four persons sitting at these high tables use the touch-screens to view a library of alphabets of all the worlds current languages. Each person can choose any one of these characters which then appears on the stereographic screen as a three dimensional object where it can then be freely moved about using the 3D mouse. Thus a shared virtual space is created where each person's chosen character is co-active with the other three person's characters. This networked image is anamorphically distorted and sent in real time to the video projector above the circular screen where it is then reflected onto the mirror surface of the cylinder. There the general audience can view a virtual representation of the composite image of the four language characters being manipulated by the persons atop the tall structures.

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