Heavens Gate (Anamorphic Version)
Computergraphic/video installation

This version of Heavens Gate uses the original video material of this work, but presents it in a somewhat different viewing situation. By means of digital post-processing this video material has been anamorphically deformed, and is projected onto a screen in the center of which there is a large mirror surfaced cylinder. Reflected on this cylindrical mirror, the anamorphic distortion of the projected image is optically corrected, so as to present a coherent virtual representation of the original material to the viewer. The recurrent references to Baroque ceiling paintings in Heavens Gate, with their tromp l'oeil perspectival manipulations of form and space, is hereby extended by a further level of optical illusionism. At the same time this strategy of representation engages itself to the contemporary technologies of image virtualisation.


1993: InterCommunication 93 Media Passage, ICC, BEAM Theater, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.

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