Network installation


rePLACEd is a special 'telepresence' version of the original work Place - a user´s manual. It is a distributed multi-user environment that has two physically separated and electronically linked installations. One is the Place - a user´s manual installation itself with its user controllable projection system within a cylindrical screen, the other is the EVE (Extended Virtiual Environment) installation with its user controllable projection system inside a spherical dome shaped screen.

In the Place - a user´s manual installation, the viewer can interactively navigate his path through a virtual environment constituted by eleven panoramic cylinders showing textured panoramic images that each present specific real world geographical situations. The resultant visual data is transmitted to the EVE dome, and the viewer there has independent freedom to explore that virtual environment by moving the projection window over the surface of the dome. Thus the EVE installation visitor is positioned in space by the other visitor's actions in the Place - a user´s manual installation, and sees a unique view of that scene that corresponds to his own physical viewing direction inside EVE.


Software: Adolf Mathias and Detlev Schwabe
Hardware: Cognito
In cooperation with the ZKM-Institut für Bildmedien, Karlsruhe, Germany


1998: surroGate 1, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany.

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